Congrats Charles Robinson, 2014 Samuel S. Smith Award Winner


We in the ABA Law Practice Division are pleased to award the 2014 Samuel S. Smith Award – our highest honor – to Charles F. Robinson of Clearwater, Florida.

The Samuel S. Smith Award is given annually for lifetime achievement in the field of law practice management. We’ll present the award to Charles at the ABA Annual Meeting.

  • Joint Reception with GP, YLD, JD—Sam Smith Award Ceremony
  • Thursday, August 7, 2014
  • 5:15 pm – 6:15 pm
  • Sheraton Boston

Learn more about LP at ABA Annual. Registration is required.

More about Charles F. Robinson

Charles F. RobinsonCharles received a BA and JD from the University of Florida, is a Board Certified Elder Law Attorney who specializes in Elder Law. He is a futurist with special focus on the future of the legal profession. An active member of the ABA Law Practice Division for over 40 years, Robinson served as its Chair from 1987-1988. He served two terms on The Coordinating Commission on Legal Technology and on the ABA Commission on Law and Aging. He was inducted into the first class of the College of Law Practice Management. Sam Smith was the presenting Fellow for the induction.

He has spoken to a number of state bars and conducted planning programs for those bars as well. Charles, William C. Cobb, and Phil J. Shuey designed the program for the Seize the Future conferences in 1997 and 1999.

For more details, here is the 2014 Sam Smith Award press release.

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