UPDATE: ABA Women Rainmakers Local Programming for Fall 2014



  • UPDATE (September 8, 2014): Durham, NC added
  • UPDATE (September 3, 2014): Two new cities added – Charleston, SC and St. Thomas, VI
  • UPDATE (August 29, 2014): Phoenix, AR added
  • UPDATE (August 28, 2014): Four new cities added – Washington, DC; Miami, FL; Long Island, NY; Idaho Falls, ID.

The ABA Women Rainmakers Fall 2014 Local Program is coming to a city near you during the week of September 15th.

The program will help you construct a compelling LinkedIn profile that reflects your personal brand and enhances your career. We’re calling it: The Intersection of Personal Branding and Social Media: Harnessing the Power of LinkedIn to Build a Personal Brand.

Find your city below for date, time, location, and registration details.

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