The “Management” Issue from Law Practice Out Now


Management. It conjures up images of demoralizing bosses, nagging deadlines and power struggles on the climb up the career ladder. But in this issue, we take a more personal look at what the word really means. From time management and work-life balance to finding personal fulfillment and reassessing your career path, this issue gets at the big picture: creating happiness at work and becoming an advocate for your coworkers and your own well-being.

In this issue of Law Practice you’ll learn how to:

  • Escape the trap of workaholism
  • Evaluate whether coaching can foster your rainmaking skills
  • Work remotely with greater efficiency
  • Enhance your firm’s support for attorneys with children

This issue, we welcome columnist Charles Agee III, our guest Finance columnist, who writes about commercial litigation financing, and Taylor Hammond, who describes the Chicago Bar Foundation’s Justice Entrepreneurs Project in the Highlights column.

You can read the latest issue online, or if you prefer to read on your mobile device download the app!

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