Member Spotlight: Chad Burton


Hi Chad, can you give everyone a quick primer on your background, who you are, where you work, etc…

I wear two primary professional hats: Burton Law and CuroLegal. Burton Law is a virtual law firm where we primarily represent tech clients. At CuroLegal, we work with law firms and bar associations providing outsourced practice management services.

I joined the ABA LP Division a few years ago and currently co-chair the eLawyering Task Force, and am a member of Council, the Education Board, Legal Technology Resource Center and the Future of the Profession Task Force.

What is your favorite memory of the Law Practice Division?

My first TECHSHOW. It was a phenomenally overwhelming environment. It hooked me immediately.

What have you found to be the biggest benefit of the Law Practice Division?

The resources — both the people and the content. I love the dedication that the leadership and members have to creating an educational experience for those looking to improve (which should be all of us).

What do you think will be the biggest shift in practice management over the next 5 years?

We will keep seeing an increased reliance on mobility. This is effecting the way law firms operate and serve their clients. Regardless of type or firm or practice area, lawyers are on the move. Being able to serve clients in that capacity is no longer a luxury but necessity.

Are you a Mac or a PC?

Mac. Duh. I converted to the Apple world when I started my solo practice and impulsively bought a MacBook Pro. After that, I ditched the Blackberry for an iPhone. Nowadays, I do about 90% of my work on my iPad and iPhone.

What is your biggest practice management challenge?

Options. There are so many great tools to use. Of course, I find weird joy in testing out concepts.

What are your practice management improvement goals?

Never stop evolving. This space changes everyday. There is always room to improve client service.

What’s the best practice management tip you would like to share with readers of this article?

Spend time experimenting on new ideas. Many will be worthless but when you hit those A+ ideas, it is worth it.

What is one practice management technology or technique that you find indispensable?

The cloud. Being able to remotely connect to our team and our clients is hugely important. This is naturally true since all our lawyers in Burton Law work remote.

What is the most unique or unusual case you’ve worked on?

I worked on the defense of a libel claim by a strip club against a TV station involving live internet feeds from the equivalent of the champagne room. Lawyers in town still are talking about it 10 years later. Who said discovery in business cases is always boring?

What is something you want everyone to know about you as a person?

Besides my general awesomeness? That probably is it. That and I am humble.

What would people be surprised to learn about you?

Nothing really. I am a pretty open book. Well, my thumbs are kind of double jointed. Does that count?

What’s your most un-lawyer-like characteristic?

I look like I am 12 years old.

What is personal trait or characteristic makes you a great attorney?

High expectation levels. You can’t give up. It might be exhausting, but that is what we signed up for.


Jason Marsh HeadshotJason Marsh is the founder of Orlando-based internet marketing agency MARSH8. He frequently writes and speaks on how law firms can implement better online marketing strategies to acquire new clients. He is the Chair of the ABA, Law Practice Division, Legal Marketing Interest Group and Editor of Member Spotlight in Law Practice Today.

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