Member Spotlight: Katherine Britton


Hi Katherine, thanks for joining me for the ABA’s Law Practice Today Member Spotlight. Can you give me a little background about yourself?

I am an attorney in Dallas, Texas.  I have practiced in Chicago and Washington, D.C., previously.  I have handled complex litigation cases, including antitrust, qui tam, management-side labor and employment cases, and breach of contract cases. When I came to Dallas last year, I started my own practice and have been providing employment counseling to small businesses and also handle probate, consumer protection, and family law matters.  I also teach a course to paralegals on Law Office Management on how to develop policies and procedures for compliance with the applicable ethical, employment, and privacy laws, and how to use software platforms like Clio and ProDoc.

I have been a member of the ABA’s Law Practice Division since 2012.

Why did you join the Law Practice Division?

I have been an active ABA member for years and was familiar with the Law Practice Division since it collaborates with other Sections and Divisions. I became a member after in 2012 after I applied for and received an appointment to join the Women Rainmakers Board under Susan Letterman White’s leadership.

What have you found to be the biggest benefit of the Law Practice Division?

The biggest benefit of being part of the Law Practice Division to me has been the relationships I’ve developed with other LPD leaders and members. Having them as resources and examples is invaluable.  Many of them have their own businesses as coaches or other consultants, they speak professionally, and have written books.  I have found that the people on the LPD counsel and who hold leadership positions are extremely entrepreneurial and tech-savvy. They take new, fresh approaches to their respective professions.

On that same line, one of my favorite sections of Law Practice Today is the Women Rainmakers “Meet a Rainmaker” Column, which I read every time it comes out and it never fails to be a source of inspiration for me.

What do you think will be the biggest shift in practice management over the next 5 years?

More focus on data privacy by law firms.

What’s the best practice management tip you would like to share with readers?

It sounds obvious, but every law firm should develop systems and check-lists to comply with the various rules governing a law practice. There are ethical rules along with the various employment and privacy rules any business must comply with. Too often, these things are neglected and firms end up sitting on potential lawsuits.

Are you a Mac or a PC?


What is the funniest moment you’ve had in your practice?

There are a lot of funny moments in employment law practice.  Even reading cases is fun because of some of the outrageous facts discussed.

What’s your most lawyer-like characteristic?

I always dress in a skirt suit for court, big client meetings, or any place I would need to make a presentation no matter what the weather is.  I was involved in varsity Lincoln-Douglas debate in high school in Charlotte, NC and my coach insisted that girls wear skirts not pant suits for tournaments.  Debate was my first taste at making formal, well-founded arguments on my feet and even today, I feel most comfortable doing so in a skirt suit

What’s your most un-lawyer-like characteristic?

I listen a lot more than I talk and like to put the spotlight on other people than on myself.  Most people expect lawyers to be blowhards.


Jason Marsh HeadshotJason Marsh is the founder of Orlando-based internet marketing agency MARSH8. He frequently writes and speaks on how law firms can implement better online marketing strategies to acquire new clients. Jason is the Chair of the ABA, Law Practice Division, Legal Marketing Interest Group and Editor of Member Spotlight in Law Practice Today.

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