Maintain a Paperless Law Office – a Review of Fujitsu ScanSnap iX100


Especially when  out of town, you need to stay connected to your office—and more importantly, your files.

Gone are the days of lugging paper files with you, praying they don’t get mixed up and/or lost, or worse—not having the documents you want when time is short.  Being able to access important files when you need them, where you need them is vital to success and professionalism in the courtroom and with clients.

Another challenge one faces with a paperless office is getting documents up to the cloud, even when you’re out of the office.  The answer?  A mobile scanner.

I’ve been a huge fan of the Scansnap desktop series of scanners for the last six years of my career.  I couldn’t go a day without one.  They’re proven workhorses! And have been the key to my success in maintaining a paperless office. The new wireless scanner released by Fujitsu, the ScanSnap iX100, is no different, and is packed with a ton of new features that make traveling with this tiny workmate a pleasure.

In the recent December edition of the ABA Journal, Robert Ambrogi, a lawyer and writer from Rockport, Massachusetts, and Vice-Chair of Law Practice Magazine, reviewed the newly released mobile scanner from Fujitsu, the Scansnap iX100

Here are the highlights:


  • Wireless – No USB cable needed to connect to a computer. The scanner connects via built-in WIFI connection.  No power cord either—it has a lithium battery that will scan about 200 pages within a charge
  • Lightweight – It weighs less than a pound! (14.2 oz to be exact)
  • Compact – will fit in a breadbox! Or your briefcase.  Measuring  only 10.74 x 1.87 x 1.42 inches
  • Works with any device – From iPhone to Android, the iX100 will send PDFs or JPEGs to a Mac or PC, iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire, or any Android smart phone.
  • Works with the Cloud – the scanner will also send your PDFs straight to an email address, or upload to cloud services like Drop Box, Evernote, Google Docs, SharePoint, etc.
  • Fast – Scans a page in 5.2 seconds
  • Large-Format Documents – Is your document bigger than 8.5 x 11? Fold it in half and scan both sides.  The iX100 will stitch the scans together automatically.
  • Crisp, Clear Font – Unlike a photo of a document from your phone that could have shadows and curved edges, the ScanSnap iX500 takes a clear scan of your documents, that can be resized and reprinted at the same professional quality you would find in the office


  • Simplex only – It will only scan one side of a document at a time
  • Battery operated – You must remember to charge this gem at the end of the day
  • Price – $229 MSRP is an investment for a mobile scanner. But, if you need to keep your documents paperless and organized while you’re out of the office, this investment is well worth the money for a scanner that will always do its job

TIP:  Don’t let the battery die while you’re working with the scanner.  According to reviewers, it takes quite a while for the scanner to gain enough charge to turn back on and get back to work.  Charge it daily!

Click this link to read the original article in the ABA Journal by Robert Ambrogi.

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Rebecca Haack

Rebecca Haack is the Administrator at Fullenweider Wilhite, a Houston-based Family Law firm specializing in complex divorce, business valuation, and asset division.  She has 6 years’ expertise in the administration of law firms and has worked in many legal environments including Corporate Litigation, Insurance Defense, Subrogation, Plaintiff, and Family Law.  Rebecca is an active member of the Law Practice Division, on the Member Development Committee, and is the Editor of Law Practice News.

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