ABA Law Practice Division Appointments 2015-2016


A message from the Law Practice Division Chair-Elect about Law Practice Division Appointments:

Dear Law Practice Division Members:

You make the ABA Law Practice Division (LP) the leading source for law practice resources in the United States and beyond. LP member volunteers organize and produce ABA TECHSHOW, Law Practice magazine, Law Practice Today webzine, the Division’s exceptional books, education programs, and other initiatives, including cutting edge conferences such as this year’s lawyer leadership conference – ABA Lead Law 2015.

We welcome new volunteers to help advance LP’s efforts. As Division Chair-Elect, it is my privilege to appoint highly qualified and diverse individuals to join the Division’s 2015-2016 leadership team. Please review the application form which can be used to nominate other Division members or yourself for a leadership position. To identify positions that are of interest to you or your nominee, please review theDivision’s list of entities. These appointments include funded positions, where the volunteer receives certain reimbursement for travel expenses to LP meetings, as well as unfunded positions.

We hope you will seriously consider applying to be a member of the LP Team. To be eligible for an appointment, you must be a member of both the ABA and the ABA Law Practice Division. Upon appointment, you are expected to actively participate in the meetings of the entity to which you are appointed and to assist that group in carrying out its work.

Serving on a LP entity is a great way to establish yourself, contribute to the work of the Division and the profession, and collaborate and network with the great community of active LP volunteers and staff.

Also, for members currently serving on an LP board or committee, we request that you submit an application again this year so that we will know you want to remain in your current position, or experience working in some other aspect of the Division’s work. The deadline for new and returning volunteers to submit their application is Tuesday, March 31, 2015 at 5:00 PM (CT).

As in past years, we anticipate the number of applicants to exceed the number of positions available. We must choose among many highly qualified individuals and balance numerous factors when making appointments, including applicants’ substantive background, as well as geographic and demographic diversity. If you do not receive an appointment this year, we hope you understand the constraints we are working under and consider reapplying in the future.

The LP appointments process is an opportunity to encourage participation in the LP Team by a wide diversity of members. If appointing you or your nominee will make the Division more inclusive, or provide useful experience or perspective, please indicate such facts in the application. If you have any problems completing the online application, please contact Joshua Poje at joshua.poje@americanbar.org.

Thank you for your willingness to be a part of the LP Team and participating in this process. I look forward to seeing you at the future meetings of the Division and working with you on future projects.

Sincerely yours,

Tom Bolt
ABA Law Practice Division

To learn more about the appointments process please visit our webpage.

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