The Legal Technology Proving Ground: ABA TECHSHOW 2014

By Natalie Robinson Kelly

The term “proving ground” is defined by Google as:

“noun 1. an environment that serves to demonstrate whether something, such as a theory or product, really works.”

I have attended ABA TECHSHOW for 17 years in a row, and every year I’ve left the conference with a desire to return. Why? I’ve even had occasion to ask myself how this conference does this—elicit this feeling of “I need to be back there.” And now, I’ve learned the answer. It’s because ABA TECHSHOW is the true proving ground for legal technology, and if I want to be a part of it as a witness or direct participant, I need to be there!


So, what goes on that’s so magical? Well, it’s a hodgepodge of well-organized activities and happenings that make you feel at home, and a welcoming group of folks that have melded into a powerful source of information and resources designed just for the legal profession. And that information and those resources get to travel home with you and be put to use in law firms and legal departments all over the world. Year after year, the attendees come back and meet with the past vendor exhibitors to tell them how their product or service worked (or didn’t work). As they share their successes and failures with technology, we all learn together—attendees, vendors and conference planners. WE make ABA TECHSHOW magical, and the undisputed legal technology proving ground!

To be more specific, here’s what I think will make ABA TECHSHOW 2014 one of the best legal technology conferences for bringing lawyers and technology together ever. Having spent the last several months working with staff from the ABA Law Practice Division (LP) and the volunteer ABA TECHSHOW Board members that I selected when I became Chair of the ABA TECHSHOW Board last year, I have seen firsthand the building of ABA TECHSHOW, and I’m pleased and excited to say here’s what you can expect:

Loved and Continued Conference Features

  • Discounted registration for event promoters and SuperPass groups at
  • Top-notch continuing legal educational sessions on the latest legal technology topics at the introductory, intermediate and advanced levels
  • Riveting keynote presentation by Rick Klau, partner of Google Ventures, Inc.
  • Powerful plenary session and Q&A with John W. Dean of Watergate and legal ethics fame
  • Exuberant exhibition hall boasting the latest in legal technology products and services
  • Friendly and welcoming Taste of TECHSHOW Dutch-treat dinners
  • Meet the author sessions for the latest LP book authors
  • Conference concierge for up-to-date conference directions and details
  • Vendor Lunch ‘N Learn Sessions showcasing the legal industry’s top minds and thought leaders for legal technology products and services

Paired with some:

Brand New Conference Features

  • App-only evaluations for all educational sessions
  • Practice Management Advisors (PMA)/Legal Technology Resource Center (LTRC) – Run Solutions Lab for on-site technology guidance, planning and implementation assistance
  • Hands-on “how to” sessions
  • Dedicated Microsoft product educational track
  • Crowd-sourced participation in plenary educational sessions

And most importantly, you and your desire to see where legal technology is today, anticipate what it will be tomorrow, and involve yourself and your firm or legal department or company in proving exactly what modern legal technology should be! To learn more and register for ABA TECHSHOW 2014, go to


About the Author

Natalie Robinson Kelly is the director of the State Bar of Georgia’s Law Practice Management Program and the chair of the Planning Board for ABA TECHSHOW 2014. Natalie can be followed at @NatalieRKelly.

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