LP Mash Up: Two Great Books & One Discount


This post was authored by Carole Levitt.

What do you get when you “mash up” iPad in One Hour for Litigators, 2nd edition and Internet Legal Research on a Budget? Two great books and a 30% discount!

Certain books just seem to go hand in hand and lend themselves to being “mashed up.”

Take  iPad in One Hour for Litigators, 2nd edition and Internet Legal Research on a Budget, for example: Jennifer Ellis says, “The thing that impresses me most about iPad in One Hour for Litigators,  (written by Tom Mighell), is how it immediately gets down to business and provides practical guidance on how to make the best use of an iPad. The book is useful for attorneys (and their staff) whether they are in or out of court. These days, it is critical that attorneys have the ability to access every piece of data from each case while out of the office. In addition, it is crucial to be able to respond if opposing counsel brings up a case that catches you short.”  Carole Levitt, co-author of Internet Legal Research on a Budget, notes, “while litigators can use Tom’s book to learn how to use the iPad, they can use my book, co-published with Judy Davis, to learn which legal research apps will help them find the case that the opposing counsel brought up and caught them short by.”  In particular, Levitt adds, “Our Fastcase App chapter provides details on how to use this free app for both case law research and also statutory research.” Buy both at http://linkon.in/30percentdiscount for your 30 percent discount.


Carole A. Levitt, Esq. is President and founder of Internet For Lawyers (www.netforlawyers.com). She is a full-time CLE seminar speaker about Internet  legal and investigative research and has authored seven ABA LP books and 13 editions of “The Cybersleuth’s Guide to the Internet.” Carole has served on the ABA LPD Publishing Board since 2003 and served on LPD’s Executive Council from 2006-11.

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