Law Practice Fellowship Advantage: Take Two


In 2011, I left the best job that an associate attorney could ask for to open my own law practice.  In 2013, I applied for and gladly accepted an ABA Law Practice Fellowship.  My prior involvement in the Law Practice Division was solely reading the magazine.  The entirety of my prior legal training was learning the law.  The fellowship was my first experience in learning about the business of law.  In my growing practice, I was focused on being a good lawyer and had marketing, management and technology on the back burner.  My finance approach was based upon whether or not there was money in the bank.

I attended my first fellowship meeting in the Fall of 2013.  I was welcomed into the organization with open arms and it transformed my practice.  Through the fellowship, I made invaluable connections.  I attribute the strategies that I have learned through my mentor and coach to a marked increase in my small firm’s revenues and growth.  Through ABA Tech Show purchases, my firm literally changed the way that we do business.  We embrace technology and its ability to make the law more efficient and accessible. Through the ABA Marketing Conference, I have implemented numerous marketing strategies that rendered immediate results.   With the tools provided by the fellowship, I have grown my practice in lawyers and now surround myself with a tremendous team.  I continue to focus on high quality legal work, but I am now doing so focusing on the changing world of a law business.


antonia-large-205x300Antonia Roybal-Mack is an experienced litigation and planning attorney.  She has been honored by the New Mexico Business Weekly as “Best of the Bar.”  She has also received the prestigious “Outstanding Young Attorney” Award from the New Mexico Hispanic Bar Association. She has been honored by the Albuquerque Business First as “40 Under 40, Class of 2014.

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