Sponsored Five Questions to Ask When Evaluating Legal AI

Artificial intelligence is too great an opportunity for lawyers to ignore.

Most legal professionals will find themselves nodding in agreement to this statement. Although we can agree that AI can’t be ignored, this leaves attorneys wondering what options are available to them, and more importantly, which option is right for them.

Westlaw Edge has provided a guide to help you as you evaluate your legal AI options and aims to provide honest answers about our AI.

To get the whole story about the AI technology you’re considering, begin with these five questions.

How strong is its data?

AI algorithms must have strong underlying data to provide useful information. Having effective artificial intelligence is so much more than having a series of algorithms – AI platforms need access to the right data sets, and human experts must be involved in structuring the data.

An AI platform that has been built upon a foundation of existing, best-in-class data is fundamentally better suited to deliver stronger results than a series of algorithms masquerading as an AI platform.

Westlaw Edge has the largest and most-organized collection of legal data available. This is because Thomson Reuters attorney-editors have been analyzing, summarizing, and classifying primary law for more than 100 years. In addition, our team of dedicated scientists and technologists specializing in analytics, artificial intelligence, and data visualization apply cutting-edge research to unlock the full potential of that data for legal professionals.

At Thomson Reuters, we started with strong data and applied technical expertise to build algorithms that complement our editorial processes, which is why the Westlaw Edge AI models rank as best in the legal world.

How strong is its team’s legal knowledge?

When it comes to incorporating artificial intelligence into legal services, there is no replacement for real-world legal experience.

Westlaw Edge has more than 500 experienced attorney-editors working behind the scenes to make sure our legal content is accurate and accessible. These bar-admitted attorneys have premium legal educations and bring an extreme attention to detail, a passion for the law, and a true understanding of the value that automation can bring to legal organizations.

Our editorial teams ensure the application of AI technology helps users get answers to their questions faster without losing accuracy. Plus, Westlaw Edge comes with one-on-one research assistance from exclusive Insight Attorneys, who are specially trained in artificial intelligence, big data, and litigation analytics to further support your legal research.

Read the full article for the key questions to ask to help you find the right AI for your legal research.

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