Sponsored Free Cloud Software for Law Firms During COVID-19

For law firms struggling to enable remote working without cloud-based software, this free software can help them through the COVID-19 crisis.

From March 19th, 2020 Actionstep, a leading cloud-based legal practice management software provider, is offering free access to its secure cloud-based legal practice management software to law firms that are struggling to enable remote working amid the current COVID-19 pandemic.

The purpose of the offer is to give law firms of any size, who are not currently using a cloud-based product like Actionstep, a platform to enable home-working for their teams immediately. Using Actionstep’s software during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis will give firms access to their matter data remotely and keep them operational, without going through a major IT infrastructure change.

The offer gives law firms, free use of Actionstep’s Express product for 6 months or more and enables their teams to work on client and matter files remotely.  Express is Actionstep’s “Ready-to-go” product, meaning there is no customization or implementation time required. Firms can start using Actionstep Express right away through an automated setup process. Using Express during the COVID-19 pandemic will allow firms to securely manage current and future matters, integrate with email and calendar tools like Office 365 or Gmail, share file notes & documents, assign & manage team tasks, track time & billing, and see all their data and team activity in one place.

After 6 months firms can export their data from Actionstep and go back to their original systems, or, if they wish, they can continue with Actionstep on a regular subscription. Actionstep will monitor the COVID-19 situation and may extend this offer beyond 6 months if necessary.

David Hepburn, Actionstep’s President says: “One of our core values is about being part of and actively supporting our legal community. This is an unprecedented crisis and we want to give the wider law community affected by COVID-19 a solution to keep running effectively and keep their team safe during this time.”

Find out more: https://try.actionstep.com/express-offer

About the Author

Actionstep’s all-in-one practice management system gives law firms the freedom and tools to evolve & grow. Built in the cloud, with workflow at its heart, Actionstep gets rid of admin distractions and simplifies how law firms work. So, they always have the headspace and time to serve clients well. With matter management, time & billing, document management, document automation, CRM, business reporting, general ledger accounting and compliance tools built-in, Actionstep gives lawyers & their teams real-time access to files & data in one place – from anywhere on any device.

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