Sponsored Lawyers Of Distinction Helps Lawyers Grow Their Practice

Every year, more than 35,000 new lawyers enter the workforce. Currently, roughly 1.3 million lawyers are in the United States (according to the ABA). It is perhaps the most crowded profession in the country. Each successive year is worse than the previous, as people are extending their careers as opposed to retiring. Further compounding this problem is that lawyers and law firms are spending more and more every year for both marketing and advertising just to remain relevant. How can a lawyer make sure he or she is not losing market share without even knowing it?

Online advertising is getting increasingly expensive. Pay-per-click advertising and SEO can cost thousands of dollars per month, and everyone is competing to get to the front of the line. This is not the solution. Many lawyers have found that becoming members of vanity legal marketing organizations gain a level up on their competition by creating credibility from outside sources, such as Super Lawyers, Lawyers Of Distinction and AVVO. These companies with various criteria select the best attorneys and help them announce their premier status to the world.

While all of these organizations have their own relative advantages and strengths, Lawyers Of Distinction (LOD) is the most focused on the promotion of its members year round. Lawyers of Distinction is a private lawyer vanity and marketing company, with members from all 50 states. Lawyers of Distinction recognizes over 20 areas of practice, has no plaintiff or defense bias, and no political affiliations. It fits the bill for almost any attorney. Membership is limited to no more than 10% of attorneys from any given state.

What makes Lawyers of Distinction unique among lawyer marketing companies is that it publicizes member names year-round through press releases and online announcements in The New York Times, USA Today, Fox News, CNN, Huffington Post and on social media, including Facebook and Twitter. Membership rosters are advertised nationally in print through the New York Times, Bar Journals, The National Bar Journal, Trial Magazine and numerous other outlets. Through these multiple channels, members are actively promoted to the legal community as well as the general public. This multi-pronged approach provides members far and away the best bang for the buck for your marketing dollars.

In 2018, Lawyers of Distinction has implemented a new feature where potential clients can directly search for and retain quality representation. Currently, over 5,000 users visit the directory daily. The lawyer directory is second to none regarding functionality, and attorney profiles are thorough. Unlike most competitors, Lawyers of Distinction does not refer clients to specific attorneys and therefore is not a lawyer referral service. Lawyers cannot pay for higher placement or banner ads, etc. This creates a unique user experience where people can search for a lawyer geographically or by specialization or both, allowing informed consumer decisions.

Below is a brief description of some of the other most essential benefits included in Membership:

  • A custom genuine rosewood plaque and/or a translucent crystal statue.
  • Use of the Lawyers of Distinction licensed logo and other promotional materials.
  • A customized press release for the member’s use and publication online (website or social media blog) as well as in print.
  • Annual member discounts of $5,000 or more through LOD’s “Member Discount Program.” National vendors include Avis, Hertz, Marriott, Hilton and Southwest Airlines, as well as many others.

Lawyers of Distinction can go a long way in helping an attorney market him or herself for a very reasonable yearly subscription.

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