Sponsored How Lawyers of Distinction Can Help Your Practice Grow

As we all know, the practice of law becomes more competitive all the time. Lawyers are looking for any edge they can find to help them stand out. This has created an industry of legal vanity organizations whose primary agenda is to promote their members. One of the most innovative organizations in this space that constantly promotes its members to the legal industry, as well as the general public, is Lawyers of Distinction.

Lawyers of Distinction is a private lawyer vanity and marketing company, whose only objective is to help members stand out from the crowd. With members in all 50 states, Lawyers of Distinction recognizes over 20 areas of practice, has no plaintiff or defense bias, and no political affiliations. Membership is limited to no more than 10% of attorneys from any given state.

In 2018, Lawyers of Distinction unveiled a new and innovative search feature for member attorneys. The general public can perform a search on the Lawyers of Distinction website either by searching geographically, by city or state, or area of practice. The personal profile pages of individual member attorneys are unmatched amongst leading industry competitors. The member profile contains a detailed biographical section, Google maps feature, and perhaps most importantly, a section containing reviews directly from Avvo, Google, and Yelp.

Currently, thousands of people visit the Lawyers of Distinction website daily. Unlike most competitors, Lawyers of Distinction does not refer clients to specific attorneys and therefore is not a lawyer referral service. Lawyers cannot pay for a preferential listing, nor does Lawyers of Distinction post banner ads or accept any outside advertisements. The goal of the directory is simply to create a unique user experience allowing the public to make informed consumer decisions. The membership roster currently has over 3,000 highly competent attorneys from all 50 states, as well as U.S. territories of Puerto Rico and Guam, and internationally with members from England, Italy, Canada, Australia, India, and Japan.

Lawyers of Distinction also stands apart by advertising its member roster in national legal publications like the American Bar Association Journal, The American Lawyer, and The National Law Journal. Additionally, Lawyers of Distinction publishes membership announcements in The New York Times. Online, Lawyers of Distinction runs targeted ads across multiple channels, including Google and Yahoo, as well as daily social media posts announcements on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Of all the legal vanity organizations, Lawyers of Distinction is certainly the most innovative technologies, giving its members very broad and consistent exposure.

Lawyers of Distinction also encourages members to provide news, case results, law firm announcements, and other newsworthy items, which it then publishes on social media, giving members constant exposure.

While many legal vanity organizations strive to promote their members, none of them come close to Lawyers Of Distinction when it comes to marketing its members. Membership in Lawyers of Distinction starts at $475.

Below is a brief description of some of the other significant benefits included in membership:

  • A custom genuine wood plaque and/or a translucent crystal statue
  • Use of the Lawyers of Distinction licensed logo and other promotional materials
  • A customized press release for the member’s use and publication
  • Access to a private Facebook members only group for real-time exchange and referrals
  • Annual member discounts of $5,000 or more through the “Member Discount Program.” National vendors include Avis, Hertz, Marriott, Hilton and Southwest Airlines, as well as many others


For more information on Lawyers of Distinction and how it can help benefit you and your law practice, visit lawyersofdistinction.com.

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