Sponsored The Journey to Marketing Partner Forum 2017 Continues

Marketing Partner Forum has been an invaluable resource for senior legal marketing professionals for more than two decades. Designed for and delivered by the legal industry’s leading business development professionals, Marketing Partner Forum offers law firm attendees intimate access to key legal customers and a faculty of accomplished peers for strategic conversations and engagement.

In advance of next January’s program, we were pleased to offer a peer-driven thought leadership webinar series intended to connect the legal marketing community on three timely topics: Client Satisfactions and Cross Selling, Forecasting and Planning for Optimal Growth, and Growth on a Budget, facing both large and small law firms.

Thomson Reuters Legal Business Development Solutions, launched as an integrated tool, helps your firms see opportunity in a new landscape. Business development helps to understand clients for success of your firm. It wins business and keeps it. It builds trusted relationships and maintains them. It sets you apart from the competition. But this level of understanding requires a clear view of client needs and challenges, their business landscape, and their interactions with your firm. Thomson Reuters Legal Business Development Solutions drive your firm’s growth strategy by providing a holistic view of client needs, their business landscape, and their interactions with your firm. Empower your firm to act with the simplicity, credibility, and expertise you need to drive success.

Integrated Solution for the Strongest Business Development Strategy

Thomson Reuters Legal Business Development Solutions provides your firm with the best of both worlds; Monitor Suite Intelligence Center and Thomson Reuters Legal CRM. This combination will allow your firm to truly capitalize on your firm’s business development potential.

The secret: intelligent integration for an extra edge

Now you get the best of both worlds—Monitor Suite Intelligence Center and Thomson Reuters Business Development Premier—in one seamless offering. With the Intelligence Center’s sophisticated yet friendly dashboard, you can draw on expansive resources from Thomson Reuters to get targeted, actionable legal business insights in easy-to-view graphics. You can analyze client trends such as the industry in which clients operate, litigation trends, IP trends, and deal trends. You’ll be able to spot new prospects through results drawn from 2.4 million company and professional profiles. And from different assessment perspectives, you can uncover hidden opportunities and new relationships.

Not just who you know, but how well you know them

Your access to Monitor Suite Intelligence Center combined with Thomson Reuters Business Development Premier allows you to leverage your firm’s strongest client relationships in your network to leverage personal ties already in place. Relationship analytics showcase the strongest relationships your firm can harness, as well as relationships to which you may need to devote more attention to keep the revenue flowing.

Build and strengthen relationships

Go beyond the first degree of connectivity to reach clients you weren’t able to reach before with data from Legal Business Development Solutions. You’ll win opportunities with your superior understanding of your clients’ needs and their business landscape.

Seize the right opportunities for your business

Your business development strategy is only as strong as the data behind it. Thomson Reuters allows you to capitalize on both relationships and trends in order to reveal and win opportunities.

You can find the data you need to anticipate change, seize new developments, move with the market, and match your expertise to new opportunities.

Achieve Critical Growth

  • See the full picture of the companies your firm is targeting
  • Analyze industry and litigation trends as well as people profiles and connections
  • Create new opportunities with relationship paths shown to you
  • Gain greater insight into individuals and companies your firm wants to target
  • Capture relationship data automatically through address books, calendars, and email traffic patterns
  • Spot developments that could impact your business or offer you new opportunities

Gain more insights on Thomson Reuters Legal Business Development Solutions.

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Haley Jameson is product marketing coordinator for Thomson Reuters. You can contact her at haley.jameson@thomsonreuters.com.

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