Nominating Committee Report 2023

Pursuant to Article 7 of the Division Bylaws, the Nominating Committee submits the following nominations ( on behalf of Mary Vandenack, Bill Ferreira, Heidi Barcus, Courtney Ward-Reichard, Cynthia Thomas, Andrea Hartley, Bob Young):

For a two-year term on Council, commencing Friday, August 4, 2023:

  • Randi Starrett (seat 1)
  • Allison Shields Johs (seat 3)
  • Chris Fortier (seat 5)
  • Michele Powers (seat 7)
  • Ireneo Reus (seat 9)
  • Rodney Dowell (seat 11)
  • Micah Buchdahl (seat 13)
  • Sofia Lingos (seat 15)
  • Andrew Elowitt  (seat 17)

For a one-year term as Division Chair-Elect: Afi Johnson-Parris;

For a one-year term as Division Vice Chair: Daniel Siegel; and

For a one-year term as Division Secretary: Roberta Tepper.

For a three-year term as Division House of Delegates Delegate for Law Practice: Walt Karnstein.

The candidates proposed by the Nominating Committee will be presented for election at the Annual Meeting of the Division, on August 4, 2023. Anyone who was not slated by the Nominating Committee and wants to run for an officer role and/or Council seat may do so by submitting a petition pursuant to Subsection 7.02.06 of the Division bylaws. For questions regarding petition candidacy, please contact the Staff Director (

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Vandenack, Nominating Committee Chair, Chair-Elect

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