The Best of ’22 and Upcoming Issue Topic Themes

In the COVID summer of 2020, the Law Practice Today (LPT) Editorial Board decided the best bet for one of our summer issues was to go the “best of” route. We were not meeting. We did not see each other. And we did not know when that would change. Now, in the summer of 2022, things are much better—we’ve met and planned and strategized. But like every other business, we hit some “supply chain” issues that pushed our content back a bit. To maintain the quality of this electronic publication and give our issue editors and contributors time to put future issues together, we recently put out the June issue (think Christmas in July, except instead it is June LPT in July). So, consider this June/July Part Two—an opportunity to highlight some of our best content from LPT in 2022 (remember…prior issues are always available and accessible to read anytime at

What’s coming next?

Starting again in mid-August, you’ll see the latest issue of LPT in your inbox around the 15th of the month. We’ve got some great themes and related contributors coming your way:

  • August – Women in Leadership
  • September – Finance
  • October – Diversity Equity & Inclusion
  • November – Ethics

The best of…

Take some time to look back at some of the great issue themes and some of the contributions from the first half of 2022.

Contributions Welcome

If you are an ABA member with an interest in writing an article, LPT is an opportunity to reach the largest legal audience in the world (plus, lots of reads from Google organic searches). If you’ve thought about contributing in the past but were not sure how to go about it, take a look at our pitch submission guidelines—and submit a pitch. Please remember that we only publish original, never-before-published content.

If you’d like to see, or read more about, a particular area of law practice, please reach out to our editorial team—we’re always looking for new ideas and trends in the profession.

About the Editor

Micah Buchdahl is an attorney and a past chair of the ABA Law Practice Division. He is the editor-in-chief of Law Practice Today. He can be reached at or 856.234.4334, and on Twitter at @mbuchdahl.

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