Passion and Purpose: The Secrets of Gritty Women

For good reasons, “grit” has become a popular topic. But it’s often misunderstood. It’s true that grit often predicts who achieves the highest levels of career success. But what exactly is grit from a scientific perspective? Can it be developed? Do other people affect our grit levels? Can grit sometimes be bad for us? And can grit research offer guidance to women wanting to advance and succeed in the legal profession over the long-term?


If you’re interested in these questions, please join us for a fun and informative networking event for women in law. Three grit experts and authors will provide insights from their own research: Anne Brafford, author of Positive Professionals: Creating High-Performing, Profitable Firms Through the Science of Engagement; Milana Hogan, author of Grit—The Secret of Advancement: Stories of Successful Women Lawyers; Caroline Miller, author of Getting Grit: The Evidence-Based Approach to Cultivating Passion, Perseverance, and Purpose. Following that will be a happy hour to connect and socialize with other gritty women in the profession!

Title: Passion & Purpose: The Secrets of Gritty Women
Location: Morgan, Lewis, & Bockius LLP, 111 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20004
Date: Thursday, November 30, 6:30-8:30 pm.
Cost: Free

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About the Author

Anne Brafford is the chair of the Law Practice Division’s Attorney Well-Being Committee. She is a co-founder of Aspire, an educational and consulting firm focused on lawyer thriving, is a former partner at Morgan Lewis, and is a doctoral student and teaching assistant in positive organizational psychology. Anne can be reached at

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