Sponsored An All-in-One Extranet and Intranet Solution

The wide adoption of online resources has created an environment where people are no longer accustomed to delays such as waiting for information to arrive in the mail. Attorneys need advanced strategies and tools to keep up with clients’ expectations and the fast pace of business and law today.

Cloud-based extranets are increasingly popular tools for file sharing. Extranets provide space online where firms can upload files and allow clients and other parties to log in and download information. They also can serve in an intranet capacity to enable efficient communication and resource sharing between employees located in geographically dispersed office locations. Sharing documentation and media files with clients, opposing counsel or other professionals online saves hours of productive time for high level, billable tasks. Clients expect information and updates instantly, and online collaboration makes this level of service possible. A virtual extranet provides an unprecedented level of mobility and up-to-date security features to keep client files safe.

ShareFile provides an all-in-one extranet and intranet solution.

Citrix ShareFile provides an ideal solution for firms of any size. The web-based system allows you to store, encrypt and share files with your client base, co-counsel and other professionals, as well as with attorneys and staff within your firm. Set up folders, files and user access individually or in bulk to begin sending files in minutes. You can easily separate folders designated for internal and external use, and granular permissions controls let you decide who sees what and when.

Here are six features that make ShareFile an indispensable tool for law firms:

Transfer files in seconds—right from your desktop.

ShareFile integrates with the tasks you already complete daily. Desktop tools are available to send files securely without opening your web browser, saving you time and eliminating the frustration of searching for, and attaching, files. ShareFile also integrates with iManage and Worldox, so you can easily transfer files from your document management system using convenient ShareFile links.
Copy or save a file into a local synced folder to automatically load the file to your ShareFile account. Upload entire mailings by simply saving the PDFs to local client folders in minutes.

Connect to important files from anywhere.

With ShareFile mobile apps, attorneys, staff and clients can access, edit, share or request files from any web browser, mobile device or tablet. An expert may reference new documents as soon as they are available, in the office or on the road. An attorney can pull up, edit or annotate and save documents on an iPad at a meeting outside of the office to review with clients or outside counsel

Mobile access:

Mobile apps for Apple iOS, Android, BlackBerry mobile, and Windows are free for ShareFile users. With ShareFile Mobile apps you can easily:

  • Change permissions on the go by editing folder access lists from your mobile device.
  • Browse folders to preview, open and read files.
  • Use built-in email to send files or request new files.
  • Upload new files to your vault from iOS and Android devices.
  • Edit any Microsoft Office document or annotate PDF files right on your web browser, mobile device or tablet.

Send secure email attachments from Microsoft Outlook.

The ShareFile Plugin for Microsoft Outlook converts large files to convenient ShareFile links in the body of your email message. The links are as simple for the recipient to work with as standard attachments, but are encrypted by ShareFile. Using ShareFile links instead of email attachments also lets you bypass attachment size restrictions in your email system as well as your recipient’s.

Attach files and folders as ShareFile links using the same steps as selecting a normal attachment. Set security preferences to determine expiration, password protection and more. Create upload links to let clients send completed forms and other documents back to you.

The ShareFile Plugin for Microsoft Outlook includes encrypted email to add security to your messages while simplifying the way you handle sensitive or protected data. It encrypts both your email copy and all attachments in one simple step. And your clients and other recipients can reply within that encrypted email from any web browser without needing any downloads or software installations

Keep track of account use for security and billing purposes.

ShareFile provides both the control and security your IT department needs as well as the tools and flexibility that staff and clients require.
Firms use the powerful auditing features and permanent file storage of ShareFile to meet strict record-keeping requirements. Advanced reporting and auditing tools track all changes, logins, uploads and downloads. Automated email notifications keep everyone up to date on new activity. It’s easy to manage documents as a result.

Access world-class customer support when you need it.

ShareFile is committed to providing the best customer support in the industry. Our dedicated customer care team is available 24/7 for any questions that come up throughout the life of the account. Onboarding specialists conduct training sessions and consultations to discuss best practices and suggest tools that will best fit your firm’s needs. Should any problems or technical questions arise, the ShareFile support team is available 24/7 by phone and email.

Integrate your document vault with your website.

ShareFile is an extension of your firm’s online presence. Your collaboration space is customized to feature your logo and branding and can be integrated into your website to allow clients to log in or even upload files to you directly from your website.

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